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"There is no better place to get senior pics than McCaffrey Photography"
-Bryce Steyer Senior

"Just want to say that I think Erin is the best! She made my photo session So much fun......and I don't even like having my picture taken. Thanks Erin"
- Libby Harris Belle Femme client

"I simply cannot express how deeply pleased I am with Erin's work! She worked on some promo and headshots for my daughter and effectively managed to capture the beautiful features and even some personality that I have not seen in other professional photographer's work.

I've been in eCommerce for over a decade and have worked for much of the Fortune 1000. The next time I am asked if I know a good photographer, (as I of ten am) I will wholeheartedly recommend they contact Erin. She is simply exceptional in her work and in her ability to draw out and capture that which the client eagerly seeks.

Thank you so much, Erin!"
- Jose Osorio

Andrew is a very typical 18 year old boy who hates having his picture taken.

Upon finishing his Senior picture appointment, we got in the car and he said,

"Wow, Mom. That was actually fun. Ms. Erin made it very easy. You know how I don't like having my picture taken, but I enjoyed today. I will only have her take my pictures from now on. She really listened to what I wanted, and let me be myself."

It was evident when I saw the proofs that Erin had captured "him". His photos are incredible, very casual and with his expressions.

Erin made this special day, even more special. And for a mom of an 18 yr old, relaxing and comfortable.
- Pam Burnett

"I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would participate in such an amazing photography shoot! You are awesome!! I felt like a star!. You are one of the best photographers I’ve ever encountered!!"
- Joy (La Silhouette client)

"She is AWESOME and took some REALLY INCREDIBLE shots! WOW!!! THANK YOU for putting us onto her! OMG, her work is incredible. We decided to go for more of the contemporary, funky, urban look, so took shoots against really cool walls downtown. It was fun and awesome. I love her! She totally “got us”, in terms of what kind of look we are into. We had a great time. she is SOOO professional. It was a fabulous experience!
- Lisa OKC client

"Oh My Word! Just opened the package! Incredible pictures! All of them! I do not know which one I like best as they are all beautiful! And the pictures of Denis, he even likes them and he rarely likes any pictures of himself. You are very talented!"
- Jackie W. Dallas

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