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Friday, October 13, 2017
By mccaffrey photography
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So happy to introduce you to Mary Morgan Ketchel. Her non profit support is widespread throughout the Nashville area. I'm so happy I was able to give back to her a lovely session with her mother and grandmother. Mary Morgan exudes elegance and style on the outside, but her giving nature supersedes all of her external qualities. Read more about her, her family life and the non profit she supports. 

Tell us about you, your family, and your work:

My husband Paul and I are raising two fast growing and energetic young men. Jack is celebrating his ninth birthday and Chase will soon be eight. Both   boys keep me busy with multiple sports per season and we spend summers adventuring outdoors! It is never a dull moment! 


Tell us your favorite charity and why it is your favorite charity:

I am so inspired by the volunteer community that surrounds the Monroe Carroll Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.  We are called "Friends" of Children's Hospital. The hospital is in the process of adding 4 new floors on top of the existing children's hospital (maybe you have seen the cranes)! 

This includes 2 floors for cancer treatment and one for the medically complex child. The Friends organization is fundraising to support the hospital in   hiring nurses and specialty staff for this this incredible addition. 

How can the community help your charity?

By donating and attending annual fundraising events like "Friends and Fashion", which I am co-chairing on April 9,2018. 

What does beautiful mean to you?

Kind hearted, bright spirited, endearing,  inspired....inspiring! 

What makes you happy?

My boys and special time with my family. Also, creativity! 


What is an inspirational quote that resonates with you?

Oh so many! But I'll pick top two! 

The Golden Rule~ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

And a new one~

Be grateful for where you are, yet mindful of where you can go! 

What was your experience like having a "women with heart" session?

Wonderful, happy moments with my grandmother and mother. As well, Erin's sunny and expressive personality went hand in hand with the excitement we felt for the occasion. We know how blessed we are to be sharing the hugs, the laughs and the special moments with our ninety two year old Mimi!    Also, the way Erin so thoughtfully presented the photoshoot to the three of us was a memorable experience. 

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